We offer pay as you go web site maintenance, original custom designed Images / Photos, Icons along with SEO friendly Articles / Text information Content Writing, Product adding and update for e-commerce.

Perhaps you have had a website for a while now for your small business. You have some moderate success, but you can see flaws in your website and you know they have to be fixed. There are errors in content or you may have new products or services that you offer that are not listed or shown on the site. Maybe you just do not like the way the site reads and looks anymore and you want a change but you just do not have the time or the insight to take care of it yourself. One thing you may want to consider is hiring a professional service for content editing and content writing to help your website.

No one likes a website that looks old and does not read well. Websites that have poor spelling and grammar do not usually perform well. Viewers become frustrated by the mistakes and do not want to look any further and leave the site. If your site is like this, it could be costing you a lot of business and you are not even aware of it.

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See our mobile responsive website designs at the link below!

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We can go through your website and make recommendations to you about your content. We can find all the errors you may have in spelling and grammar and suggest the best ways to correct them. We may also have some methods about ways we can improve the content that is there to make it more interesting to potential clients and customers.

SEO Friendly Article Content Writing

Part of editing the content of the site is more than just fixing spelling and grammar. We also give you advice on ways to make the site look smart yet simple at the same time. You want the site to have a clean and crisp look to it, but you also want it user friendly and easy to navigate. At Website Simple Smart we will provide this balance for you.

Maybe you have some new product content you have wanted to get on your site but have not had the chance to do it yet. We can take all of your photos, video and audio and upload it to your site for you, making sure everything looks right to give the page the emphasis you want it to have. We can also write some appropriate content to go along with your new product or service to make it more enticing to your visitors.

We can use keywords relating to your site in the content so your site will show up higher in search results. This will increase the likelihood of potential customers clicking on the links for your site since it will be among the first to show up in a search.

The professional service for content writing and content editing that we provide you can really help your business grow. You may be surprised how some changes that seem small to you can make a big difference in website traffic. If you have not changed your site in a while, it is certainly worth investigating to see how we can help your business.