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At EzTen (Easy Ten), we custom design mobile responsive websites, and help our clients develop and grow with Brand-Design.

EzTen Website Designs are customized to your unique requirements.

Whether you want to make improvements to your existing website, or looking to build a new one from the ground up, EzTen experienced mobile Responsive Custom Website Designers, Web Developers, Original-Content creators, article writers, photographers and Social-Media Marketers are ready to take Your Website to the next level.

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If you have been the owner and operator of a business for a number of years, chances are by now that you have some form of a website already in place. Perhaps you have noticed that the design, content and traffic on your site needs improvement. You think that it may be a time to change some things around, but you no longer have the time to bring your site up to the level of the competition. Consider our professional services for mobile responsive website design, web development, website hosting, website maintenance and content writing to help you improve your business.

It is up to you, you can leave it all up to EzTen team to design, develop and provide the content for your new website, or you may play a role as well. You can tell us what you expect out of your site and how you would like it to look and feel. The goal is to achieve a clean mobile responsive design, easy to use, search engine optimized, smart custom website design with original content that looks sharp and is user friendly.


We can help you with hosting of your website as well. This means that we will have your website on a server that we take care of so we can do all the monitoring for you. This alleviates you of the pressure of learning about web hosting and monitoring.

We can also handle any web maintenance for you as well. This means any changes or updates that need to be done to the site such as adding new page, product, shopping cart, service, image, photo gallery, video and audio files that might be very useful to your website visitors.

Hiring EzTen to take care of your website design, content writing, web hosting and website maintenance can greatly save you time, money and improve your business. A new website can instantly begin to draw new customers. It will also show existing clients that you are trying to stay current and work to offer the best services and products to your customers.